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Upper 6th Form Assembly
Upper 6th Form Assembly
Upper 6th Form Assembly


The Grade 8 syllabus is a student centred course with a mixture of theory and practical. For each new topic, a Creative research will be done. The creative researches should have creative heading, creative border, printed illustrations with labels at the bottom and definitions typed in shapes filled with colour.

Each assignment should have a 1 inch border. Assignments in small sketchpads may have either a 1/5 inch border or a 1/4 in border.

Student's name and form should be written at the bottom right corner.

This course has 3 categories of assignments. Homework, classwork and test. Homework and class-works will be marked out of 25 marks while tests will be marked out of 50 marks. When calculating your personal grades to predict you average, bear in mind that the weighting on Renweb are H.W (20%), C.W (30%) and Test (50%). The weighting must be calculated into the equation to predict your average.

Mid Term report card averages will be displayed in letter grades such as "A, B, or C" along with citizenship. End of Term report cards averages will be in the form of a number grade out of 100%, along with citizenship and comment.

In this syllabus/course you will learn to do interesting topics such as:

Value, Imaginative Composition, Figure Drawing, Landscape Drawing, Landscape Painting, Yarn Portraiture, Mixed Media Portrait.

You will learn how to use proportion in drawing, shade, fade, blend, paint, and use mixed media. 

Cape French, September  2020 - June 2021

Bonjour et bienvenue à tous!

In this class we will follow the CSEC syllabus which hones our skills in speaking, reading , listening to and understanding the French Language 

Nous allons beaucoup apprendre cette année!

This course aims to teach students to read /translate Latin texts.  The Cambridge Latin Course is organized in such a way that students can easily progress at their own pace.  Learning this skill (as any skill) requires that the learner reads for at least five minutes each day of the week.  PowerPoint Presentations and games are valuable resources that MUST be viewed and reviewed often.  The teacher will GUIDE by explaining concepts, but the student must clearly understand each grammatical point and become very familiar with new words as they appear in the stories and in the introductory pages of each Stage. 

The assignment will always be READ, READ and RE-READ some more.